Doing Business in Georgia - Investment package for Private and Corporate Investors who are seeking to start business in Georgia. Investment Package includes the full service Company Formation, Virtual Office, Banking and bookkeeping services. Learn more at: Doing Business in Georgia Brochure 

www.dagroveba.geInvestment Advisory Platform in Georgia providing Equity Brokerage services for Local customers. The platform integrates information about current managed fixed income products in USD, GEL, EURO. Find more at

Global Citizenship Program - Private Banker is the official partner of Arton Capital and offers Global Citizenship Programs for Individual High-Net worth clients. Private Banker offers Citizenship and Residency programs. Find more: Global Citizenship Program

what we do

We are committed to helping you reach your personal goals as we help protect your wealth and build a lasting relationship.​​

Welcome to Private Banker. We are an Independent, boutique wealth management firm with global approach with our clients. We are dedicated to provide sophisticated planning solutions to wealthy individuals, families and corporate units. Our mission is to provide end-to-end wealth management by constructing a comprehensive investment strategy using stocks, bonds, promissory notes and similar liquid, publicly traded financial instrument assets and to harness that strategy to an in depth understanding of your goals, risk tolerance, and financial situation, all in order to manage your investments to achieve your personal financial goals.

who we are

At Private Banker, we focus on comprehensive wealth management to meet all your financial and investment needs. We’re committed to helping you reach your goals as we help you protect your wealth and build a lasting relationship.

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"It's always important to have one clear voice. One that rises above crowds. One that can guide you in the formation of a wealth"

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